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Who am I? Who do I help?

I’m Suzanne Goulden, stress management consultant and culinary nutrition expert.

I help people who want relief from day-to-day stress but don't know how to start making healthier choices in their lives. By utilizing stress management techniques with a focus on nutrient dense foods, you can feel vibrant and in control of your life.  

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What do I do?

·  I help clients to identify their stressors, then come up with a plan to manage them and build confidence.
·  I provide various meal plan packages to make eating healthier simple. All plans are emailed in a professional PDF package and include a menu, shopping list and recipes.
·  I share my own active living ideas to inspire you to get moving and enjoy nature.
·  I encourage you to reduce stressors in your home such as clutter and chemicals.
·  Join live online cooking classes. Watch for announcements on Instagram, Facebook and my newsletter.


When am I available?


My specific office hours will be announced soon. For your convenience, I will have hours available during the day, some evenings and some Saturdays. Contact me to set up a time to chat. First 30 minutes will be free with no obligation.

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Where can we connect?

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Why should you connect with me?

You should connect with me if:

·  You’re looking for relief from stress and overwhelm. I can help you navigate your stressors and guide you through stress reducing techniques, so you feel in control of your life.
·  You want to eat healthier but don’t know where to start. If jumping onto the kale bandwagon doesn’t excite you, that’s okay! It’s best to start simple. I can guide you towards making smart food choices and provide meal plans that take the guesswork out of shopping.
·  You don’t know how to cook from scratch. Join in on live cooking sessions to learn how to cook whole foods and make well-rounded healthy meals using a variety of simple ingredients.

How can I help you?

Stress management and nutrition go hand-in-hand to helping you achieve balance in your life.

As a stress management consultant, I help you navigate stress and give you techniques to help reduce your overwhelm so you feel in control. As a culinary nutrition expert, I place emphasis on nutrient dense foods so your body has what it needs to deal with stress from the inside, while you use techniques to deal with stress from the outside.

Health = Body + Mind + Spirit

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