You’re in the right place.

I help overwhelmed, stressed, or burned out people simplify their life by discussing and resolving their problem areas.

Simplifying your home, and learning to make intentional choices helps you feel in control of your life and surroundings, so you’re no longer drowning in stress.

Who am I?

I’m Suzanne Goulden, Intentional Living Consultant. I help overwhelmed people create peace in their homes and reclaim time to do the things they love by minimizing belongings and simplifying lifestyle.

As a certified professional organizer, certified culinary nutrition professional, and certified stress management consultant, I have a unique set of skills to help guide you to living a life you love and value.

People who make choices with intention reap the benefits of simplifying their life, reducing stress, and regaining control of their time, money, and space.

“I didn’t know where to start organizing. Suzanne came over and was a great help.  She knew where to start and how to motivate me to get things done. It was a very useful and worthwhile process.  I recommend Suzanne to everyone I know!”

~ ML, Winnipeg, MB

Intentional Me

I help people find life balance and love their homes again!

Where are you problem areas?

  • Does coming home after work create stress instead of being the relaxing space it should be?
  • You want to eat healthier but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you need time for you, but your schedule just doesn’t allow it?

I can help you sort through the clutter in all areas of your life so you have room to breathe. Feel the stress fall away. Let’s chat.

Simplify Meals

Learn about easy meal planning that focuses on improving your overall health. Feel better physically and clear the mental fog. Feel on top of your game by learning to meal prep and cook simple recipes using whole food ingredients.

Meal plans and recipe packages coming soon!

Our new kitchen was too cluttered and didn’t work for us. [We] thought an expansive renovation was in our future, but Suzanne saved us and showed us how our existing kitchen could be made to work.  Five stars!”

~ AN, Winnipeg, MB

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Organizing, Decluttering & Minimalism – What’s the difference?

At first the terms “minimalism,” “decluttering,” and “organizing” all seem interchangeable, however, there are very different mindsets to each.

Organizing is taking items already owned and placing them into categories with like-things together so they are more easily found and put away. Organizing can also bring in several items to the home in the way of various storage containers.

Decluttering has a focus on removing of items from the home that tend to collect in certain “problem” areas. Often, the areas continue to become cluttered and need attention over and over for upkeep.

Minimalism is a mindset and a lifestyle. Organization always results from minimizing. Minimalism focuses on larger areas of a home – whole cupboards and rooms and often extends to the entire house, eventually. Minimalism is a re-evaluation of one’s belongings. It’s about reducing belongings that are a) not loved and/or b) serve no purpose. It’s about reducing items that take up physical and mental space, and valuable time. A minimalist develops regular habits to stay on top of problem areas. It’s not about bringing containers in to organize, it’s about reducing what you have in order to reduce the need for containers. Minimalism takes the focus off of “stuff” – owning, buying, needing – and replaces it with a focus on “less is more.” Less stuff, less stress equals more time, more money, more energy.

Living with intention involves minimalism. Working with me means you’re ready for a serious change in your life – for the good! You’re ready to:

  • reduce stress and overwhelm.
  • let go.
  • reclaim control of your time.
  • gain control over your space.
  • learn about permanent changes so you’re not back in the same scenario a few months from now.

Minimalists have a positive impact on the environment.

Environmental Statement

As an Intentional Living Consultant, I consider our environmental footprint seriously. Efforts are made to reduce, reuse, recycle. Where I observe toxins in your home, I offer swap ideas to reduce the chemical environment to improve the health of your family. I prioritize the use of eco-friendly cleaners, reusing items, and avoid the use of plastics. Items being removed from the home are donated as a priority before being sent to a landfill.