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I help overwhelmed people simplify their homes, their kitchens, and their lifestyles.

Maybe one of these scenarios sounds familiar:

Is your home in a constant state of clutter?

Do you apologize to your friends for “the mess” in your home before they arrive? Or do you avoid having people over, period, because your clutter owns you?

What’s for dinner that’s simple but still healthy?

Do you want to make magic in your kitchen with simple healthy meals, but don’t know where to start?

My adult children have moved out. Now what?

Are you empty nesters looking to reclaim the space in your home, but don’t know how to let go of your kids’ belongings?

Aging baby boomer or adult child of an aging baby boomer?

Are you a baby boomer looking to downsize after living in your home for decades and have no idea how to reduce your belongings?

Are you the adult child of a senior who doesn’t want to be left with having to sort through a house full of your parents’ treasures?

Inherited your parents’ home full of decades of memorabilia?

Are you an adult child who has already been left to clean out a house full of your parents’ belongings and the overwhelm of the project is too much to bear?

Life feels overwhelming and you don’t know how to stop?

Are you tired of feeling like a hamster running on a wheel? Always trying to catch up with your life, but never getting there.

Do days fly by and you never get to do the things YOU want to do because you don’t have time?

Have you heard the term “minimalism,” but aren’t sure what it is, where to start, or if it’s right for you?

I help you regain control of your space and time by being your guide in minimizing belongings, simplifying meals, and helping you make intentional choices to live your best life. As an Intentional Living Consultant, I give guidance based on your priorities, to create an atmosphere of calm, not only in your home, but in your mind and body.

Who am I?

I’m Suzanne Goulden, Intentional Living Consultant. I help overwhelmed people create peace in their homes and reclaim time to do the things they love by minimizing belongings and simplifying lifestyle.

As a certified culinary nutrition professional, certified professional organizer, and stress management consultant, I have a unique set of skills to help guide you to living a life you love and value.

People who make choices with intention reap the benefits of simplifying their life, reducing stress, and regaining control of their time and space.

Reclaim Your Space

I help people love their homes again!

From the new empty nesters reorganizing their home for two to the seniors who have lived in their home for decades and now need to downsize – I can help.

Have you inherited a house full of a lifetime of memories? Where do you start sorting through your parents’ belongings?

Do you feel stress at home due to clutter?

Does coming home after work create stress instead of being the relaxing space it should be?

I provide support to help you make intentional decisions about your belongings, resulting in reduced clutter with practical organization. Minimize your belongings to maximize your space and it becomes a place where you can breathe, relax, and feel proud.

Simplify Meals

Learn about easy meal planning that focuses on improving your overall health. Feel better physically and clear the mental fog. Feel on top of your game by learning to meal prep and cook simple recipes using whole food ingredients.

Meal plans and recipe packages coming soon!

“I didn’t know where to start organizing. Suzanne came over and was a great help.  She knew where to start and how to motivate me to get things done. It was a very useful and worthwhile process.  I recommend Suzanne to everyone I know!”

ML – Winnipeg, MB

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The circle on the map indicates my general service area in southeast Manitoba, Canada.

Our initial phone conversation is free. From there we book either a Zoom or in-person appointment to assess the detailed services you need. This assessment is $89.00 +tax (CDN). This fee is reimbursed to you if you book the services quoted within 24 hours of receiving the quote. You are under no obligation to book the services quoted.

Appointments are available during the following hours:

~ Monday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
~ Wednesday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
~ Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Evenings and Saturdays by appointment.

Minimalism, Decluttering, and Organizing – What’s the difference?

At first the terms “minimalism,” “decluttering,” and “organizing” all seem interchangeable, however, there are very different mindsets to each.

Organizing is taking items already owned and placing them in ways that make sense, as in categories and like-things together so they are more easily found and put away. Organizing may have some discarding of materials, but it is not the focus. Organizing also brings in several items to the home in the way of various storage containers.

Decluttering has a focus on removing of items from the home that tend to collect in certain “problem” areas. Organization may result from decluttering. Often, the areas continue to become cluttered and need attention over and over for upkeep.

Minimalism is a mindset and a lifestyle. It’s a large leap from decluttering. Organization always results from minimizing. Minimalism focuses on larger areas of a home – whole cupboards and rooms and often extends to the entire house, eventually. Minimalism is a re-evaluation of one’s belongings. It’s about reducing belongings that are a) not loved and/or b) serve no purpose. It’s about reducing items that take up both physical space and mental space, and also valuable time. A minimalist develops regular habits that help to stay on top of problem areas automatically. It’s not about bringing containers in to organize, it’s about reducing what you have in order to reduce the need for containers. Minimalism takes the focus off of “stuff” – owning, buying, needing – and replaces it with a focus on “less is more.” Less stuff, less stress equals more time, more energy.

Living with intention involves minimalism. Working with me means you’re ready for a serious change in your life – for the good! You’re ready to:

  • reduce stress and overwhelm.
  • let go.
  • reclaim control of your time.
  • gain control over your space.
  • learn about permanent changes so you’re not back in the same scenario a few months from now.

Minimalists have a positive impact on the environment.

Environmental Statement

As an Intentional Living Consultant, I consider our environmental footprint seriously. Efforts are made to reduce, reuse, recycle. Where I observe toxins in your home, I offer swap ideas to reduce the chemical environment to improve the health of your family. I prioritize the use of eco-friendly cleaners, reusing items, avoiding the use of plastics. Items being removed from the home are donated (or sold) as a priority before being sent to a landfill.

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