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Who am I?

I’m Suzanne Goulden, culinary nutrition expert and stress management consultant.

I’m a loyal supportive cheerleader for my friends. I’m a proud mom of two beautiful adult children. I am a strong supporter of women's rights and equal opportunities.

I also deal with some health issues including depression, Type 2 diabetes, and significant stress loads which are damaging to my body. I decided it was time to take my health seriously, so I read books, took courses and learned about making better decisions for myself. This is a journey with no destination; health is life long choice.

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What do I do?

·  I help clients to identify their stressors, then come up with a plan to manage them and build confidence.
·  I provide various meal plan packages to make eating healthier simple. All plans are emailed in a professional PDF package and include a menu, shopping list and recipes.
·  I share my own active living ideas to inspire you to get moving and enjoy nature.
·  I encourage you to reduce stressors in your home such as clutter and chemicals.
·  Join live online cooking classes. Watch for announcements on Instagram, Facebook and my newsletter.


When am I available?


My specific office hours will be announced soon. For your convenience, I will have hours available during the day, some evenings and some Saturdays. Contact me to set up a time to chat. First 30 minutes will be free with no obligation.

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Where can we connect?

Find me online on Instagram, Facebook, and sign up for my newsletter to get the most up-to-date information!

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Who should connect with me?

You should connect with me if you are:

·  a woman with a desire to change your health journey, don't know where to start, but are motivated to make a change.  

·  looking for relief from stress and overwhelm.

·  ready to do the required work to feel amazing.

·  needing to build some cooking skills to learn how to cook from scratch using whole foods.

·  wanting to help the environment through small simple steps you can do at home.

·  ready to feel great in your own skin, be proud of your achievements, and better your self-esteem and confidence.

How can I help you?

Stress management and nutrition go hand-in-hand to helping you achieve balance in your life.

As a stress management consultant, I help you navigate stress and give you techniques to help reduce your overwhelm so you feel in control. As a culinary nutrition expert, I place emphasis on nutrient dense foods and approachable nutrition so your body has what it needs to deal with stress from the inside.

I also support interests in minimizing for stress management. As well as, helping our environment through small changes we can easily impliment in our homes.

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Health = Body + Mind + Spirit

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