Suzanne Goulden

Culinary Nutrition Expert and Stress Management Consultant

Country living near Winnipeg, Canada, we have our own bit of forest where I’m currently working on renewing my gardens. You can see updates on Instagram

My superpower is problem-solving and finding win-win solutions. 

I’m a Culinary Nutrition Expert honours grad. This means I understand the healing value of cooking from scratch, using whole, organic foods, sourced seasonally and locally, as often as possible. 

~ I’m the mom of two beautiful adult children of whom I am so proud.

I am married to my best friend James. We were together for ten years before deciding it was time to make it official. We eloped and then honeymooned in Hawaii and can’t wait to go back. James has become my best partner in health. We have a lot of fun creating new meals or figuring out how to make old favourites healthier. 

James and I in Hawaii

~ I have my own share of health issues. I started a journey into nutrition discovery over a decade ago. In 2018, I decided to officially become a student of holistic nutrition. 

I’m a stress management consultant. I have plenty of personal experience with high stress and burnout and how it effects physical and mental health. I am familiar with low-grade constant depression (dysthymia) and the paralyzing affects of major depression. I’m committed to creating positive life habits that are key to dealing with stress in healthy ways and bringing my life into balance. I can help you find balance too.  

~ From office admin to business owner, published author to treatment foster parent, my history is varied, but it all adds something to my experience.

I value my morning routine of yoga, workout, meditation, smoothie. It sets my day in the right direction. 

~ We own four adorable little shih tzu-mix dogs, three of them are rescues. Meet Molly, Keyser, Hank and Basil. 

James with Molly Keyser Hank and Basil

Sticking to an exercise routine used to be a real struggle for me. I found variety and flexibility and forgiveness to be the answer. I share my active living journey on Instagram, check it out if you struggle too. Between hiking, walking my dogs, HIIT, yoga, Pilates, aerobic dancing, cycling, and active living working in my yard soaking in the sunshine, I’m always looking for new ways to keep my body moving. Exercise is essential for stress management, but only if you enjoy what you’re doing. 

Tell me a bit about your journey!