Suzanne Goulden

Intentional Living Consultant

~ Intentional living is a life long journey. It’s not somewhere you ever “arrive.” At some point a little switch goes off in your brain and then it just becomes habit, a way of living. It’s a journey I began to recover from stress burnout. Simplfying my life creates release from overwhelm and stress and allows me to find much needed time for me. Living with intention isn’t easy. It takes some work and changes and growth to get to simple, but the road is worth the work.

My superpower is patient, non-judgemental problem-solving and finding win-win solutions. 

Learn more about the Academy of Culinary Nutrition.

I’m a Culinary Nutrition Expert honours grad. This means I understand the healing value of cooking from scratch, using whole, organic foods, sourced seasonally and locally, as often as possible. 

~ I’m an advanced stress management consultant graduate with distinction. I have plenty of personal experience with high stress and burnout and how it effects physical and mental health. I am familiar with low-grade constant depression (dysthymia) and the paralyzing affects of major depression. I’m committed to creating positive life habits that are key to dealing with stress in healthy ways and bringing my life intentionally into balance. I can help you make intentional choices.  

Country living near Winnipeg, Canada, we have our own bit of forest where we’re growing our first garden this year. You can see updates on Instagram