Your simpler life begins here.

    “I didn’t know where to start organizing. Suzanne came over and was a great help.  She knew where to start and how to motivate me to get things done. It was a very useful and worthwhile process.  
    I recommend Suzanne to everyone I know!”

    ~ ML, Winnipeg, MB


    This is the Destination Simple podcast where my friend and holistic personal chef Elizabeth and I talk about our own daily experiences with simple living so that you feel inspired to find your own path to less stress and more joy. Here, we plant the seeds for making intentional choices so you can grow these ideas to best fit your life. 

    Available to stream wherever you listen to podcasts.

    31 Days of Micro-Minimizing

    In March, I ran a FREE Micro-Minimizing Challenge.

    Micro-minimizing means focusing in on a small category to minimize for each day. Taking a narrower focus, reduces the overwhelm we often feel when faced with a big project like decluttering.

    Here’s a FREE PDF download with links to the blog posts and YouTube videos in one place so you can DIY your challenge now.

    “Our new kitchen was too cluttered and didn’t work for us. [We] thought an expansive renovation was in our future, but Suzanne saved us and showed us how our existing kitchen could be made
    to work.  Five stars!”

    ~ AN, Winnipeg, MB

    Who am I?

    I’m Suzanne Goulden, Intentional Living Consultant. I help overwhelmed women create peace in their homes and reclaim time to do the things they love by minimizing belongings and simplifying lifestyle.

    Women who make choices with intention reap the benefits of simplifying their life, reducing stress, and regaining control of their time, money, and space.