This portion of counter is the kitchen clutter zone. Often needing attention. Be reorganizing some new homes, and creating a coffee service area in another place, we were able to open this space up. In the basket are un-papertowel, kept very handy right on the counter.

Main entrance closet.

Left – Top of pantry. Using glass jars we were able to make the dog treats and rice more presentable and easily accessible.
Right – A complete change in use for this cupboard. It switched from housing hardly-used items, to the coffee/tea service cupboard with the kettle and coffee maker on the counter beneath.

If you look closely at these photos above and below, you will see how we shifted things and gave items completely new homes. The glass containers in the drawer were always a mess. And the mixing bowls and strainers more difficult to get to in the cupboard (below). So, we reversed the items, with the mixing and strainers in the drawer and the glass containers stored with their lids intact in the cupboard. SO MUCH EASIER to get to everything!

A complete living room minimizing project. Me, working side-by-side supporting the homeowner.

On the right, the “before” large-utensil drawer. How often does that potatoe masher prevent the drawer from opening? I know you know what I mean!
After, on the left, only the highly used items remain in this drawer. We discovered some un-used space in the drawer under the oven, so put less-used, but still handy items in that drawer instead. (Yes, that potatoe masher got relegated to the oven drawer.) The rest was donated to thrift. After some time passes, it’s worth going through that oven drawer to see what items are never used; those can then also be donated.

By putting larger items on display (left), this open shelving looks much less cluttered. Smaller cans and other food stuff is better placed in cupboards with like items together.

Pictures above and below are samples of 5-minute declutter challenges. Pick a small area (these are living room end tables) and spend just five minutes putting things back in their homes, donating, recycling, garbaging the rest.

In the “After” picture, the top shelf of this cupboard utilizes two wire organizer racks for the baking trays/cutting boards on the left and the frying pans on the right. Huge space-savers!