Yes! 3 Meals

As a culinary nutrition expert, I understand the importance of cooking from scratch using whole foods, as close to the garden as possible. Together, we can learn to make simple delicious meals that your whole family will enjoy.

gluten-free * dairy-free * sugar-free

Yes! 3 Meals Challenge! 12-Week Program

Coming January 2022!

Directly to your inbox, receive recipes and shopping list to make three meals:

  • One breakfast
  • One lunch
  • One supper

Then you are challenged to make those meals, wherever they fit best for you, before the next Thursday! 

This is an easy way to stick to your commitment to eating healthier. Each week, for 12 weeks, receive a professional PDF package to your inbox that includes the recipes and shopping list you need for the meals that week. 

This program takes flexibility and simplicity into account. I know you’re busy, this is nutrition in real life!

If it works best for you to make the breakfast on Saturday, lunch on Wednesday and supper and Monday, great! Someone else might do the breakfast on Tuesday, lunch on Sunday and supper on Saturday. No matter!

Just three steps:

  1. Enjoy cooking when it works for you
  2. Take a quick pic while your cooking or before you dig in.
  3. After you’ve relaxed and enjoyed your meal, make a quick post (#yes3meals) and let us know what you thought! (You can also tag me on Instagram @suzanne_goulden)
  • Was it awesome?
  • Would you do something different next time you make it?
  • Never make it again? LOL (it happens…)

You can post to Instagram or join my private Facebook community [coming soon!], to post pictures of your beautiful delicious meals using hashtag #yes3meals. Meet other’s with similar goals, see what adaptions they made to the recipes to be inspired! 

I have tested each recipe myself and my family. Only those that passed the “more please” test made it to the program.

This 12-week program is ideal for you if:

  • You are wanting to make healthier choices but don’t know where to start.
  • You have household members reluctant to transition to healthier eating. They are usually much more willing to give one new supper per week a try. And they will be amazed at the awesome flavours you’ll be serving up. 

Using whole foods, as close to the garden as possible, these recipes take the guess work out of healthy!  

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