The Intentional Kitchen

Includes: Kitchen Minimizing, Fridge & Pantry Clean-Out, 4-Week Personalized Meal-Plan, Grocery Store Tour, Health Food Store Tour and more!

Do you struggle in the kitchen? Can’t find the item you need when you need it? Have no idea what’s at the back of your fridge? When was the last time you checked the expiry dates on those rarely used condiments? Do you know what to cook for dinner tonight?

The Intentional Kitchen will see you loving your kitchen. After our time together, you’ll know what’s in your kitchen and that every item there is something you actually use. Open your professionally organized cupboards and easily access whatever you need.

“The cook of the house is the doctor of the house,” is one of my favourite quotes from Josh Gitalis, instructor from my culinary nutrition course.

Don’t just minimize and organize your kitchen, learn to use it functionally. The Intentional Kitchen package includes:

  • Kitchen minimizing (1 – 2 sessions, 4 – 8 hours)
    • Kitchen toxin evaluation with eco-friendly recommendations
    • Personalized food swap recommendations for healthier options
    • Opportunities for food education and health awareness
  • Fridge and pantry clean out (1 session, 4 hours)
  • 4-week personalized meal plan that best fits your family. Meal plan includes weekly shopping list and recipes ($200 value)
    • Food prep tips to suit your busy home
  • Grocery story tour at your favourite grocery store (1 1/2 hours) (Must be a grocery store, not Walmart.)
    • Meal plan overview
    • Label reading overview
  • Health food store tour (1 hour)

Steps for this package:

  • Our initial assessment phone call is free, about 20 minutes. No obligation!
  • We book our 5 session dates.
    • Fee: $950 (CDN) + applicable taxes. Half due up front, half due before meal plan issued and grocery tour.

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Suzanne Goulden

Intentional Living Consultant

Stress Managment Consultant

Culinary Nutrition Professional

Professional Organizer

Environmental Statement

As an Intentional Living Consultant, I consider our environmental footprint seriously. Efforts are made to reduce, reuse, recycle. Where I observe toxins in your home, I offer swap ideas to reduce the chemical environment to improve the health of your family.

I prioritize the use of eco-friendly cleaners, reusing items, avoiding the use of plastics. Items being removed from the home are donated (or sold) as a priority before being sent to a landfill.