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How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy

Did you know today is National Science Fiction Day? Happy Birthday, Isaac Asimov! Today, I'm making two recommendations for sci-fi [and fantasy] writers. The Worldshapers is a podcast by award-winning author, Edward Willett. Each episode is an interview with a sci-fi/fantasy author. Really great stuff, so give it a listen. 2. About eight years ago, I… Continue reading How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Regina Brooks’ 5 Rules for Engaging YA Readers

When I first started writing YA, long ago, I picked up Writing Great Books for Young Adults by Regina Brooks. It's a book I still highly recommend today. However, it's been years since I read it, so I've pulled it off my shelf to give it my time and attention again. And I'm rather amused.… Continue reading Regina Brooks’ 5 Rules for Engaging YA Readers


The biggest lesson about the editing process.

I've written stories nearly all my life. I still have an original from when I was in grade two, three maybe. I wrote poetry and gory short stories through my teens. Picture books when my kids were little. And now, I focus on novel writing for middle grade and young adult audiences.  Amazing how our… Continue reading The biggest lesson about the editing process.


Don’t Get Shelved!

Do you write middle grade, young adult or new adult novels? Writing for these audiences is very different than writing for adults. A lot of people believe it's easier to write for kids -- oh, if they only knew. . . Clear, clean, concise writing; convincing dialogue; and telling a story without preaching a message… Continue reading Don’t Get Shelved!

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Keeping the outside world out.

I hear that writers often create soundtracks for their current work-in-progress. It helps to set the mood, get them in the zone, hear their characters speak to them. I have been asked if I create soundtracks for my books, I do not. However, I do write to music and it has to be a specific… Continue reading Keeping the outside world out.