Sticky Notes and Habit Stacking

I’m a list person. I love to check off boxes and cross things out. When I’ve tried to develop new habits in the past, I generally keep the ideas in my head. And after a while, negative self-talk takes over — “I don’t feel like it today,” and that new behaviour drops off rather quickly….

Forests and Nature

I bit ago I shared an article on Facebook about the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku or forest bathing. In short, you spend two to three hours minimum, in the forest, electronics-free. You can bring a book or a journal if you like. But the idea is to be soaked in nature. Take it all in….

My Journey Towards Living with Less

Minimalism is the process of living with the things you love or they have a purpose. A coupled of years ago I watched Minimalism on Netflix and was immediately hooked on the idea of living with less and spending my money more intentionally. I’ve made huge changes in my life and home since then. I’ve…

10 Things that Gain Your Time Back

Our phones suck away a lot of our time. Have you ever figured out how much time you spend on your phone in a day? There’s apps for that, but I’ll save you some time and stress… On average, people spend about three hours per day on their phones. How many people complain that they don’t…

Where I Started. Where We Are.

I don’t remember the moment I realized I had to make a change. It was a long time ago. But I do remember the moment I took my first step towards learning to be a healthier me.  I sat on the floor of Chapters in front of whatever section contained books about detoxing and I…