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YA Book Club February Book Announcement

We are nearing our first meeting for my YA book club where we will be discussing our first novel - The Boundless by Kenneth Oppel. However, in the interest of staying ahead of the game, I am announcing our February book now so everyone has time to pick up a copy before the beginning of… Continue reading YA Book Club February Book Announcement


Don’t Get Shelved!

Do you write middle grade, young adult or new adult novels? Writing for these audiences is very different than writing for adults. A lot of people believe it's easier to write for kids -- oh, if they only knew. . . Clear, clean, concise writing; convincing dialogue; and telling a story without preaching a message… Continue reading Don’t Get Shelved!


Did you like the last book you read?

Did you like the last book you read? Maybe you told your friends about it. Word of mouth advertising is the best sales tool around. When you read a book you like, consider leaving a rating and review of it on ,, GoodReads or and 49th Shelf (for Canadian books). Maybe you’re thinking,… Continue reading Did you like the last book you read?


Defining “good books for boys”

I’ve been paying attention to what it means when we say “books for boys.” As authors and conference attendees we hear the following: There is a shortage of books for boys. Boys are more reluctant readers than girls. Due to number 2 above, publishers lean towards “books for girls” for better sales. If we don’t… Continue reading Defining “good books for boys”


When picking a book, trust the child.

I have a huge pet peeve – adults who limit children’s book choices based on their own biases. I recently had someone on Instagram see my micro-review of The Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier. “I love horror and absolutely relish a middle grade novel that pushes against that boundary of ‘scary for kids.’ Just how… Continue reading When picking a book, trust the child.