Suzanne Goulden’s YA Book Club for Writers

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A book club for writers of middle grade and young adult novels!

adult-3365364_1920The goal of this group is to grow our skills as writers by studying middle grade and young adult novels of traditionally published authors. We will consider plot lines, character arcs, beginnings, climaxes, endings, etc and discuss what worked and what didn’t for us. Ponder — “how did the author come up with that?” And discuss how, or if, we would improve the book. All at a lively monthly conversation over coffee (or tea or whatever you like). A list of questions to consider while reading will be provided as a guide, but, of course, feel free to comment on anything about the story that strikes you.

Have your manuscript peer edited.

The added bonus of this group is an editing feature for members’ manuscripts. As all members are active writers, when a member has a COMPLETED manuscript that they determine is ready for editing by someone else (not a first draft), they may request an upcoming month where their story will be read by members. That month, instead of reading an already published novel, the group will read the manuscript and provide a developmental edit (AKA: macro or big-picture edit). Members agree to give suggestions and critique of the developmental kind at that month’s meeting. There is no set deadline for members to submit completed manuscripts, this is requested on an as needed basis.

When and Where?

people-2564436_1920There will be nine meetings per year on the last Sunday of each month, 4 pm – 6 pm. There will be no meetings in July,  August or December. Exact location to be provided to members only.

Who can join?

You should live in or near Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Members need to:people-2567915_1920

  • be a young adult or middle grade writer.
  • be committed to attend.
  • be committed to buy or borrow their own copy of the selected novel and read it before the meeting.
  • be committed to give feedback.
  • participate in fun discussions.
  • agree to provide a constructive developmental edit of other members’ manuscripts and acknowledge that this requires more time and effort than studying an already published novel.

Please contact me if you are interested in joining this group. The group will be kept small 5-7 members. We are currently open to new members. 

Note: I will be blogging about the books we read (only already published books, obviously not members’ manuscripts) and possibly sharing some of the opinions and discussions that arise during our gatherings. No one will be singled out, it will always be identified as a ‘group discussion.’

How are our books selected?

Each member has a turn to select the next month’s book. The novel must be in a middle grade or young adult category. Any genre is fine.

View our 2020 book list.
View our 2019 book list.

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