Welcome to the Destination Simple Podcast

This is the Destination Simple podcast where we talk about our own daily experiences with simple living so that you feel inspired to find your own path to less stress and more joy. Here, we plant the seeds for making intentional choices so you can grow these ideas to best fit your life. You can listen wherever you stream your podcasts, or click the button below.

My good friend Elizabeth and I have inspiring conversations about simplifying life to make it more enjoyable and sustainable, infused by living with intention, life balance, minimalism, mindful eating and so much more. As friends, we regularly comment on how energized we feel after chatting and sharing ideas. We invite you into our conversations about living simply to share the energy.

Have a question about a topic we discuss? Have an idea for a future episode you’d like to hear more about? Reach out to us at destinationsimple.podcast@gmail.com.

Elizabeth Cancade is a holistic chef and culinary nutrition guide from Living Simply  Kitchen. Learn more about Elizabeth: www.livingsimplykitchen.com

Following are links to podcast interviews where I have been a guest. The podcast logos link to my interviews in Google Podcast (unless otherwise noted.) However, you can search the episodes on your favourite podcast streaming service. Thanks for listening!

What do you do when you become a minimalist, but you’re already married and your partner’s hesitant to declutter? Deanna and I dig in.
Kornelia and I talk about minimalist living on her live YouTube show Stories that Inspire Hope.
I’m on at 37:09.
Annemarie and I became instant friends during this podcast discussion. It was such an easy conversation, yet we dove deep into intentional living.
I had a great chat with Dave Campbell about minimalist living, being a minimalist and a crafter, and upcycling our stuff as an option when we aren’t ready to part with it.
Dori talks about a great number of topics outside of kids’ books. I was thrilled to chat with her about minimizing, getting kids involved, and destressing.
Anything goes on Rob Fludder’s Free4All podcast! Rob and I talk about my burnout recovery, minimalism, and healing through intentional living.