Meal Plans


All meal plans are:

gluten-free * dairy-free * sugar-free

    Yes! 3 Meals Challenge! - Coming Soon!

    Directly to your inbox each Thursday, receive recipes and shopping list to make three meals:  

    • one breakfast
    • one lunch
    • one supper

    This is a great way to introduce yourself to making healthy meals. Each week receive a professional PDF package to your inbox that includes the recipes and shopping list you need for those meals that week. Then you are challenged to make those meals during the week, wherever they fit best for you! 

    That's the great thing about this subscription -- it takes flexibility and simplicity into account. This is nutrition in real life!

    If it works best for you to make the breakfast on Saturday, lunch on Wednesday and supper and Monday, great! Someone else might do the breakfast on Tuesday, lunch on Sunday and supper on Saturday. No matter!

    Just three steps:

    1. Enjoy cooking when it works for you
    2. Take a quick pic while your cooking or before you dig in.
    3. After you've relaxed and enjoyed your meal, make a quick post (#yes3meals) and let us know what you thought!
    • Was it awesome?
    • Would you do something different next time you make it?
    • Never make it again? LOL 

    You can post to Instagram or join my private Facebook community [coming soon!], to post pictures of your beautiful delicious meals using hashtag #yes3meals. Meet other's with similar goals, see what adaptions they made to the recipes to be inspired! 

    For a low monthly subscription cost or even lower annual price, enjoy adding new favourite healthy recipes to your meal rotation. Imagine where you'll be a year from now! 

    This subscription is ideal for those wanting to make healthier choices but aren't sure where to start. OR it's also ideal for those who have household members reluctant to transition to healthier eating. They are usually much more willing to give one new supper a try.

    Using whole foods, as close to the garden as possible, these recipes take the guess work out of healthy!  

    Receive the Yes! 3 Meals! subscription for ONLY $9/month or buy an annual subscription for $90 and get two months free! Prices in Canadian dollars.  


    Weekly 3-Day Meal Plan

    Get a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free meal plan that covers breakfast, lunch, supper and two snacks for three days each week. You receive the menu plan, recipes, and shopping list in a professional PDF package directly to your inbox. 

    This subscription is ideal for those wanting to take a bigger plunge into the world of healthy eating by receiving recipes to make meals three days out of a week, while still maintaining a lot of flexibility.

    As all of the meals use whole ingredients, organic whenever possible, they give the body the needed nutrients required to help it deal with the negative effects of chronic stress on the body. Plus, the shopping list takes out the guesswork at the grocery store too! 

    ONLY $29/month or buy an annual subscription for $290 and get two months free. Prices in Canadian dollars. 


    The Stress Less Seasonal 5-Day Meal Plans 

    This meal plan package is a huge opportunity to take your health to the next level. Gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free meal plans that cover breakfast, lunch, supper and two snacks for five days a week that are also focused on nutrients that reduce stress, PLUS they focus on in-season foods.

    Eating seasonal foods are budget friendly because they are available in abundance. Also, they help align your body with seasons ensuring you get a variety of food all year long giving your body a greater range of nutrients that help it thrive. 

    This stress-busting plan focuses nutrient dense foods high in magnesium, vitamin B6, calcium, vitamin C and fiber to re-establish depleted nutrients and aid your digestive system. These foods help your body deal with day-to-day stress and help you feel more focused and vibrant.

    Each calendar season covers about 13 weeks in a year, so each seasonal meal plan package contains a six-week plan. For each season you follow weeks one through six, then repeat the plan for weeks seven through 12. You pick your favourite menu plan for week 13. Meals from week to week are different with no repeats. 

    Each weekly package contains menu plan, recipes, shopping list, and preparation guide in a professional PDF package. You will receive all six weeks at one time in an organized folder the clearly labels each week. This makes it easy for you to focus just on the week that you are on, along with the shopping list and preparation guide that are  associated with the recipes for that week. 

    As all of the meals use whole ingredients, they give the body the needed nutrients required to help it deal with the negative effects of chronic stress on the body. Plus, the shopping list takes the guesswork out at the grocery store too! 

    ONLY $149 for each seasonal six-week plan. Prices in Canadian dollars. 


    Individual Meal Plans

    If you are seeking an individual meal plan, please contact me to discuss your needs.