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How I live with intention.

I am passionate about living with intention and putting it to practice in my own life. However, I’m not extreme. And living with intention looks different for each person striving for it.

Here are some examples of how intentional living looks in my life:

In my home:

On my person:

Intentional choices that effect my lifestyle:

Please know that these are all things I strive for. I am succeeding in some areas and heavily working in other areas. But one thing I know, is I have read a lot, listened a lot, watched a lot on this subject. I have studied it. As a professional organizer, culinary nutrition expert, and stress management consultant I have put many of the ideas I have learned into practice and discarded ideas that don’t fit my outcomes. I continue to study these topics and expand my experience.

I love to share ideas about how to live with more intention; how to lighten your load. Please reach out to me if you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired, burned out, stressed. I can help you regain control of the clutter in your home, find balance within the important areas of your life, find time for you.

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