Editing Submissions and Fees

Manuscript submission guidelines

Your MG, YA or NA manuscript should be at the point where you don’t know how to improve it any more, you’ve done your best and you’re ready for another experienced writer/editor to lend a helping hand. This is where I come in.

This is the beginning of your editing journey that will prep your manuscript for submission to a traditional publisher or for self-publication.

  1. All submissions should be on 8.5 x 11″ white paper, typed in Times Roman 12 pt font and double-spaced.
  2. Submitted in Microsoft Word 2007, or later — .docx file.
  3. The complete manuscript is far beyond first draft with multiple editing passes completed by the author. (No first drafts!)

I have over six years experience editing and being part of an editing team with a publishing house, offering suggestions to improve manuscripts for publication.

Excel table editing fees
All fees are in Canadian dollars.

Fee calculations:
Number of words in your manuscript times fee for editing equals fee for each round of editing.

E.g.  Developmental edit: 50,000 words in manuscript X .01 = $500.00

I respect the environment. All submissions and editing responses will be completed digitally.

Editing services are not provided for:

  • Picture Books
  • Adult literature
  • Non-fiction
  • Poetry

To submit your manuscript:
Contact me using this form. Tell me a bit about yourself and your manuscript. No first drafts! (Or even second…) Paste the first 25 pages of your manuscript in the email for review. I will be back to you within 14 days if your manuscript is accepted for editing.