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Are you empty nesters needing to reorganize your home to better suit fewer people? Not sure what to do with all the kids’ stuff?

Are you a senior who has lived in your home for decades and need to downsize?

Have you inherited your family home with decades of memories attached and are overwhelmed with where to begin sorting through the memories?

Downsizing due to a significant life event is stressful and can cause overwhelm. Parting with sentimental items during a transition in life can be difficult.

I’m here to help you decide what to keep and what to let go. Feel supported while making tough decisions and have the space to feel the feelings.

I take care of all of the details for your project, whether that’s small details like providing boxes, or involving other service providers to remove furniture, assess valuables, or deep clean.

Steps for this package:

  • Our initial assessment phone call is free. No obligation!
  • We book an appointment for a detailed tour (in-person or via Zoom).
    • Fee for tour -$89 (CDN) + applicable taxes, reimbursed if you move forward with the Intentional DIY package.
  • As each home is different, and each homeowner has unique needs, a quote for services is provided after a consultation. The consultation fee ($89.00) is reimbursed if you book the quoted services within 24 hours of receiving the quote.

Suzanne Goulden

Intentional Living Consultant

Stress Managment Consultant

Culinary Nutrition Professional

Professional Organizer

Environmental Statement

As an Intentional Living Consultant, I consider our environmental footprint seriously. Efforts are made to reduce, reuse, recycle. Where I observe toxins in your home, I offer swap ideas to reduce the chemical environment to improve the health of your family.

I prioritize the use of eco-friendly cleaners, reusing items, avoiding the use of plastics. Items being removed from the home are donated (or sold) as a priority before being sent to a landfill.

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