Vision and Voice

I’m attending a CANSCAIP writers’ conference right now. I’m so excited to see all of the great friends I know here and new ones I’m meeting.

We kicked off the conference with an inspiring and informative panel discussion which I was going to blog about upon my return home, however my good friend, MaryLou, posted her blog this morning and summed up the discussion so nicely, I decided to take the easy route and reblog her fantastic post! Thanks, MaryLou!

What Next?

Arthur Slade, David Robertson, and Miriam Körner are some of the most successful children’s writers in Canada right now.  Between them, they have published a raft of books and have won all kinds of awards.  I listened to them last night as they shared their vision and voice in a discussion at a Saskatoon conference for children’s writers. Their exchange of ideas was led by Alice Kuipers a children’s writer who helped to organize the conference. 

Arthur and David listen as Miriam talks about her writing motivation

It was interesting to note what motivates each writer. Miriam is passionate about Canada’s north and loves sled dogs and sled dog racing.  In her books, she is trying to share that passion with others.  

Arthur told us his latest book Crimson was written especially for his daughter who he and his wife adopted from China in 2010. He wanted…

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Conversations About Writing

Thank you to my friend MaryLou for including me in her blog post today. We did have a great conversation. MaryLou is a fantastic writer looking to get her first novel and picture book published.

What Next?

I have had four conversations about writing during my last week in Winnipeg before leaving for our winter home in Mexico. 

to obama with love joy anger and hopeThe first was with a friend who had just finished reading To Obama With Love, Joy, Anger and Hope by Jeanne Marie Laskas.  President Obama received 10,000 letters a day when he was in office and every night his staff picked ten for him to read before he went to bed. It was his way of keeping in touch with the people who had elected him.  My friend said the book made her realize just how important those letters had been to the President. It made her decide to write a letter herself to our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau telling him she recognized the personal sacrifice it required for him to serve our country and even if she didn’t always agree with him she appreciated the efforts he was…

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A name change…

This website is under construction. It is the website for young adult and middle grade author, Suzanne Goulden. I am currently working on a middle grade fantasy novel set in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. I previously wrote under pen name Suzanne Costigan. Under that name my first novel was published -- Empty Cup,… Continue reading A name change…