A Simple & Fun Workout

This is my workout pattern, let me know if this sounds familiar:

Get energized and motivated — join a gym — set up a routine — go consistently — something hiccups my routine (cold, earache, holidays, change in schedule, etc) — stop going to gym — take months (or years) to get energized and motivated again… (If you prefer video, scroll to the bottom of this post.)

Getting exercise – any form of exercise – is essential for our physical health and does wonders for our mental health. So, I’m thinking it fits in well with my current self-care theme.

Here’s the most basic workout advice ever – find something you enjoy doing and look forward to doing, have variety!

I was happy that we finally reached a point in burnout recovery to have some interest in working out again. But we’ve (“we” being James, my husband and myself) learned some lessons along the way, as stated in my above pattern, that we are trying to rectify.

  1. Find something we enjoy doing.
  2. Be flexible with the schedule, not rigid.
  3. Have a reward for working out. (Not food!)

We recently joined the YMCA (again!) We were quite excited about a new workout area they have added since we were last there – the eGym. Have you tried this? If not, you must check this out!

It is perfect for what we need right now. This system uses a personalized wrist band that keeps track of your workout, and the machines automatically adjust to your proper height, keeps track of your workouts, and increases your weight for you (you do have control over this yourself also.) It’s basically a “no-brainer” workout – which is exactly what we need right now. You also play a simple video game with each machine that helps keep you on the right time and rhythm. Pretty amazing.

In keeping with my afore mentioned criteria:

  1. We definitely enjoy it! It’s an excellent set-up.
  2. We keep it flexible. We look at our calendar every Sunday evening and determine which evenings that week work for going to the gym. Add them to the calendar.
  3. Our reward? We can sit in the hot tub after most workouts.

If you have a Y near you and you’re looking for a fantastic, simple workout where you just go and workout – no fuss, no muss – consider the eGym. (Nope, I’m not paid to promote it.)

You can see a video here by the Y about there eGym system:

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