Minimizing Grooming Supplies

Take some today to evaluate your grooming appliances. Razors, electric razors, trimmers, nail clippers, hair dryers, curlers, wave irons, tweezers, etc. (If you prefer video, scroll to the bottom of this page.)

What do you no longer use? How many pairs of tweezers do we really need? Keep only your favourite pair and let the rest go. Same goes for nail files, emery boards, nail clippers, etc.

Bring out to the open all of your grooming supplies and appliances. Use your dining table if you need a larger area. Have your keep, donate, and garbage areas ready.

Ask yourself for each item – Do I love this? Does it serve a purpose? Be really honest with yourself, and ruthless. Continue with questions like:

  • When did I last use this item?
  • How many of these do I realistically need?
  • Is this broken? Even with best intentions, taking the time to fix it will likely never happen, let it go.
  • If I didn’t have this item, do I have something I would use instead? Just because you use something, doesn’t mean you need to keep it.

Chances are you have several pairs of tweezers, but you always search for the same one to use when you need it. You have a favourite. Just keep that. Apply that idea to every collection of items that you have. You don’t need “just-in-case” items.

What do I personally use? I use a bamboo hairbrush. I have one of each item that I use for supplies (tweezers, emery board, nail clippers (two sizes) etc). I have one hair dryer. I still use disposable razors because those single blade razors that they sell at the refillery, scare me, LOL. But I’ll cross that line eventually.

Be ruthless with you grooming items. It will be so easy to find what you need if you dwindle your items down to just what you love, use, and need.

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