Intentional Self-Care

For the next six-ish weeks I’ll be taking on the topic of intentional self-care. Self-care is a hot topic nowadays and I’m going to be talking about some very specific themes that I hope inspire you to make some simple changes in your life for the better. I’m taking on a fresh look at self-care and how incorporating the little things can make a big positive difference in your world.

I’ve been in burnout recovery for the last year and half, and self-care has been of utmost importance in getting my life back. My goal is not just to get to where I was pre-burnout, but to be a more energized healthier version of myself. I’m not there yet, but I’m feeling it in all the good ways. Finding the path to a simpler life is making all the difference.

For the next while I’ll be blogging about moving through burnout, tips for intentional living, and how I utilize “choice time.” I’ll also be running a four-part series looking at why swapping out our personal hygiene products is essential for our health.

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