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It’s pretty amazing how quickly new and improved gaming consoles come out on the market. We had our share of older and newer models around and recently we selected our older models for elimination. We don’t really play them any more, and the one game my husband wanted to keep from an older system he found out has been updated for the newer system we have. (If you prefer to watch a video, scroll to the bottom of this page.)

Do you have older gaming consoles that are past their prime and no one in your family plays any longer?

Make sure whoever in your home that plays the games is included as a decision maker in what stays and what goes.

Ask them and/or yourself:

  • What are their/your favourite games?
  • Which ones do they/you never play?
  • Have kids out grown the game?
  • Could someone else be enjoying this gaming system or game(s)?

Have your keep,  donate, and, maybe, sell boxes ready.

Games can be donated or sold. If you choose to go through the process of selling them, give yourself a tight timeline to get them out of the house (like a week, max), and then whatever’s leftover, donate. Consider using a used video game store as a place to sell your games and consoles, rather than trying to sell them yourself. If you have games or consoles that are scratched or not working, remember to utilize the Staples Recycling Program that we talked about on day five of this challenge for an excellent donation option.

I welcome your ideas, thoughts, and questions in the comments below.

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Here’s me talking about video games and consoles!

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