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Today we’re sorting through food storage containers. And have I got a tip for you! (If you prefer video, scroll to the bottom of this post.)

I used to have my storage containers in a large drawer, all the containers nested inside of one another with the lids housed in another container. My containers are glass, so we also had to have a piece of paper towel between them to keep them from getting suctioned together. Those pieces of paper towel irked every intentional living cord I had!

Here’s a picture of my storage container mess:

Who can relate? 🙋‍♀️

Can you relate to this style of storage? How much time do you spend trying to match a lid to a container? How many unmatched lids or containers are floating around your drawer or cupboard?

So let’s get started. Have recycle, donate, and keep piles ready.

Here’s the steps for today:

  1. Pull out all of your food storage containers and lids and move them to a surface you can sort at comfortably – kitchen counter or dining table.
  2. Put each lid on the appropriate container.
  3. Discard any lids or bottoms that are broken or missing their other half.

A couple of notations here. If you keep old sour cream or margarine style plastic containers for food storage, drop those directly into recycling. Plastics have chemicals that break down and can leach into your food when scratched or heated. They are made to be used once and recycled. They are fine for other storage uses (like buttons), but not food. Think about getting glass storage as you replace your plastic.

Consider the following ideas:

  • How many containers do you reasonably need for your home? Keep your favourite containers and donate the ones that don’t work for you.
  • The space where you store your containers, how’s it working for you? Do your containers need a new home?

Last time I reorganized my containers, I tried an idea that I wasn’t sure would work, and goes against the grain because this actually takes up more storage space. However, I’m going to share this with you because it works wonders in my kitchen:

Store your containers with the lids on!

Yes! This saves so much time in hunting for lids and matched sets. Because they are not nested, you can easily see the size of container you need. Yes, it takes up more space, but the time savings is worth it, believe me, try this idea. They also look more pleasing to the eye. Here is a photo of my after organizing, and I love it:

Tip: Make sure the pieces are completely dry before putting the lid on and storing them.

You’ll notice I moved my containers from the drawer to a cupboard. This new home works much better and is easier to access what I need.

Donate all containers and lids that don’t match (someone may be looking for one) and also donate any container and lid sets that don’t serve a purpose for you.

I want to hear from you! Did you try this idea? I welcome your ideas, thoughts, and questions in the comments below.

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Here’s me discussing food storage declutter and ideas!

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