With our ability to stream everything TV and movies these days, there becomes less and less need for DVDs. We still keep a few in our home because shows rotate on streaming services. Plus, there are some shows that just don’t show up on the services we pay for. (If you prefer to watch video, scroll to the bottom of this post.)

I pared our DVD collection down by half several years ago when we moved. And then again during a round of minimizing challenge I brought our collection right down to what we really appreciate and will watch again. And since then they do get a regular review. Buying new releases has fallen from our priority list completely as they tend to show up on a streaming service eventually.

Today’s challenge is to go through your DVD collection and consider each movie individually. Asking yourself:

  • When did I last watch this?
  • Will I watch this again?
  • Could someone else be enjoying this movie?
  • Did I even like this movie?
  • With my streaming subscriptions, do I even watch my DVDs at all?

For on going maintenance of a movie collection, always consider how often you will actually watch a movie that you are considering buying. Is it worth spending your money on? Is it a title you could rent for a few dollars instead? Maybe you want to instill the one-in-one-out idea, if you buy a new movie, one movie at home needs to go.

For the DVDs that you boxed up for donation, be sure to set a deadline to remove them from your home. The temptation may be strong to go through that box and start to reconsider. But once they are removed, you won’t miss them.

And for those of you still holding on to VHS tapes… this same challenge applies. I let go of our Disney VHS tapes a while back… after I realized we no longer even owned a VHS player! Ha!

I welcome your ideas, thoughts, and questions in the comments below.

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Here’s me talking about dwindling our DVD collection!

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