March Micro-Minimizing Challenge

I’m so excited to announce a FREE Micro-Minimizing Challenge that I’m hosting live on Instagram for the month of March!

Micro-minimizing means I’m focusing in on a small do-able category to minimize for each day of the month. For example, I may talk about magazines, towels, pet supplies, household cleaners. It’ll be a daily surprise what item I pick to chat about!

Taking a narrower focus, reduces the overwhelm we often feel when faced with a big project like decluttering. By breaking down this big job into smaller projects, it’s surprising how much gets accomplished in a shorter amount of time. And as the items leave your home, you’ll feel stress and overwhelm leaving along with it.

To participate in this challenge just simply follow one of my channels as listed below and tune in each day, starting on March 1st! Then follow through with minimizing that category each day. Follow me today though, so you don’t miss the out on any details! 😉

You can share your progress with me by posting to comments in any of my social feeds (listed below), or use hashtag #MarchMicroMinimizing and I’ll find you!

My goal is to go live on Instagram each day at approximately 10:30 a.m. (central time).

You can follow me on:

If you follow my blog, please note, there will be a daily post, as opposed to weekly, each day in March supporting this micro-minimizing challenge. I hope you all join in!

I’m super excited about the items I’ve chosen for this challenge, so join me on March 1st for some inspiration and fun!

Let me know in the comments each day (on whichever social media type is your favourite to follow) how your journey is going and/or questions you have. I’ll be doing my best to respond to everyone. I want to hear from you! See you live on March 1st!

Here’s me, introducing the challenge. My first ever Instagram Live experience! LOL

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