Marie Kondo – perfection or nothing?

Recently, Marie Kondo, queen of decluttering stated that her house is “a little bit messy,” and so many people are freaking out about it. This is an awful reaction.

MK’s priorities have shifted to her three children. And her statement was that her house isn’t “perfectly” tidy any more. Good. For. Her!

To all the moms out there – enjoy your children!

Marie Kondo

MK didn’t do an about face, she didn’t shift from perfect declutterer to hoarder and toss all her ideals out the window. Relax, Internet! It’s sad to think that someone needs to be perfect in a roll or they are shunned.

So many people are getting Internet blasted for having a short-coming. This has been happening for a long time and when I saw the article about Marie Kondo, I thought, oh, here we go, she’s going to get bashed.

It’s not about “giving up,” it’s about setting priorities and creating life balance. MK made an intentional decision. Can you imagine the pressure she felt to keep her own home in perfect condition? Would anyone want that pressure? It’s your home, it’s where you should feel comfortable, relaxed, stress free.

I’m so glad for her that she made this decision and also proved that she’s a real human being. I’m happy for the time she’s spending with her children. She’s setting a great example for other parents, especially those who felt she was the ideal. No part of me believes that her house is now a disaster. She used the words “perfectly tidy,” she’s not keeping her home perfectly tidy. (So, still tidy.) I think we can give her some slack, eh.

One of my messages is that if we do things imperfectly, we’ll get further than waiting to do things perfectly. We’ll never start. We’ll never be on the journey. Balance is key. And I for one congratulate Marie Kondo on creating balance for herself and her family.

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