How I Live with Intention

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I am passionate about living with intention and putting it to practice in my own life. However, I’m not extreme and certainly not perfect. Living with intention looks different for each person striving for it.

Here are some examples of how I live intentionally:

  • Utilizing a refillery to reduce waste in my home. We currently have zero-waste with the following items: shampoo, condition, bodywash, hand/body lotion, dish detergent, dishwasher tabs, hand soap.
  • Using products with natural ingredients and reducing chemicals on my person and in my home. This includes: natural make-up, deodorant, high quality candles, household cleaners.
  • I use unpapertowel almost exclusively. We only use papertowel for the extreme messes. (We have dogs, occassional accidents go in the garbage, not the laundry. LOL)
  • My time is precious. I place a lot of value on time and how I spend it. I feel better if I’ve been “productive” in my day. I’ve also learned the value of slowing down and intentionally identifying what I can reasonably accomplish in a day. I give myself lots of time to be creative, free from guilt.
  • A minimalist home is important to me. I did several rounds of 30-day challenges over a few years and now it’s become habit to be removing things from our home that are of no use. It’s also changed how we view spending money and what items come in to our home. We still have “stuff,” but what’s here is either loved or useful.
  • I enjoy crafting – crocheting, painting, decoupage, all kinds of things. However, for a long time I didn’t participate in creating because “they just create clutter.” But I do love my creative outlets and they are stress relieving for me. So, in the Spring of 2022 I came up with an idea to give myself the freedom to create and then get a craft table for the local Christmas Market and sell my creations. I could create guilt-free. This worked out smashingly!
  • Letting go of toxic people. I shed myself of people who I don’t feel good when I’m in contact with them.
  • Clearing my social media of toxicity.
  • Intentionally communicating more often with people who make me feel great! Seeing my friends and family, creating game days, going for lunch. At the same time, respecting my introvertedness and desire to just stay home. This is a delicate balance that I work on all the time.
  • Simplifying my business structure. I had several levels of options to choose from. And now, I’ve simplified it to one level that just focuses on my clients needs, whatever they may be.
  • Respecting my husband who is not a minimialist and is not as far along this road as I am. We are proof that a minimalist and not-so-minimalist can live together in harmony.
  • Creating memories with my husband.
  • I take good care of my dogs. They are intentionally considered daily for their needs.
  • Grocery shopping with a planned menu and a list. Learning about how food heals the body, and helps it deal with stress makes all the difference to eating with intention.
  • I’m new to gardening, but was inspired by the Netflix documentary The Biggest Little Farm, to start growing our own food and figuring out how to do so with respect to nature. This is a work in progress, but something my husband and I enjoy doing together.

Please know that these are all things I strive for. I am far succeeding in some areas and heavily working in other areas. But one thing I know, is I have read a lot, listened a lot, watched a lot on this subject. I have studied it. As a professional organizer, culinary nutrition expert, and stress management consultant I have put many of the ideas I have learned into practice and discarded ideas that don’t fit my outcomes. I continue to study these topics and expand my experience.

I love to share ideas about how to live with more intention; how to lighten your load. Please reach out to me if you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired, burned out, stressed. I can help you regain control of the clutter in your home, find balance within the important areas of your life, find time for you.

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