I’ve Gone This Long…

I can be and have been impulsive with purchases at times. Can I assume you relate to that statement?

One question I ask myself now is, “I’ve gone this long in my life without [insert item], do I really need it now?” This simple question has had a significant impact on my impulse spending. This question leads to other considerations, such as:

  • What do I use instead of this item now? Is it working?
  • Would this item make such a difference that it’s worth spending my money on it?

Almost every time, the items stays at the store.

(By the way, this question likely works best for those of us over the age of 40. LOL.)

What does asking this question do? Ultimately, it gives us pause. It forces us to think. Bypasses the impulse and works within intention instead.

Next time you’re running errands and you see something on a whim and wonder if you should buy it – ask yourself, “I’ve gone this long without it, do I really need it now?” It changes your spending habits and helps develop a minimalist mindset.

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