Variety in Exercise

Pre-pandemic I was doing CrossFit. It was working really well for me. Then, everything changed.

It took me a while to figure out a home workout routine. Sticking to a home schedule is not my strong suit. Sticking to a workout routine period is my constant struggle. 

Me after a workout
Me, post workout

I have found a lot of variety and multiple workout times throughout the day has helped me to be less concerned about strict routine, and more concerned with finding several opportunities to move my body. 

Here’s my current list of possible daily activities:

  • Yoga – morning routine
  • Centr (app) — Aerobics, HIIT, Pilates (check your app store)
  • Body Groove (app) — dance aerobics, HIIT (check your app store)
  • Walk my dogs (weather dependent)
  • Recumbent bike, 15-20 kms, evening while watching TV 
  • Active living — Am I moving? Cleaning my house with intention, yard work/gardening?

I’ve also tried a bit of jogging… meh… and I have a stepper which I just haven’t quite worked in yet. 

Exercise calendar

Do I do all of this in a day? Sometimes, yeah! But mostly, no. The idea behind so much variety is that it all works around my changing schedule as needed. If I miss something in the morning, I pick up something else in the afternoon or evening. As long as I’ve done something to make my body sweat a couple times per day, I’m good. If I managed five things in a day, I feel great! And more often than not, I’m hitting somewhere in the middle. 

Being a visual person, I also like tracking my activities. I find it motivating. Some of you may have seen this calendar already as it’s quite popular circulating the Facebook groups of different exercise communities. You can download a PDF printable if you think it will help you! I find tracking this has been very helpful giving me all sorts of information about  myself. At a glance I can see where I was motivated consistently or where I had depression dips, even total fall offs. I can also see that I’ve done something almost every day which is a self-esteem booster. An increase in self-esteem leads to a decrease in stress. I encourage you to track anything in your life that you are trying to make a habit, if you’re a creative or visual person, this may really help you.

Exercise is essential for stress management – it gets everything moving, muscles strengthen, toxins release through exhalation and sweat, happy hormones release from your brain, you feel good! 

What’s your favourite way to get in your exercise? 

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