Mountains, Oceans & Skies

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I love British Columbia, Canada. I don’t live there, but I love to visit. I’m in awe of the mighty snow-capped mountains. I love the sound of the ocean waves crashing against the shore. I love the never-ending sky as it stretches out over the water.

This is the place where I catch my breath. Mountains stand tall and strong. Mountains represent our bodies. Our bodies need nutritionally dense whole clean foods to function at it’s best. When our bodies can function as they were meant to, they have their best chance at healing from ailments and disease, improving symptoms that make us feel unwell, and fighting off intrusions by toxins and germs. Our bodies are amazing organisms that, when well cared for, have an abundance of potential. 

We can work together to nourish and move your body so you can feel your best.

Oceans are vast and awe inspiring like our minds. Our mind can be calm, stormy, playful. Whole clean foods are important for bright clear minds. With the right foods our brains can be alert and sharp. We can feel accomplished and ready. We can conquer our tasks with full focus. We can work together towards nourishing your mind so you can feel ready to take on your day.

Ocean wave

Skies reach forever with no end, like our spirit. With a balance of nourishment, movement, stress-management, and clean environment your spirit can soar up and free as high and as far as you want. Feeling good about yourself and your life, is possible. We can work together to find the balance that works so you feel relaxed, calm and free.

To meet these goals, I have some programs in development, here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming soon: (This blog post will be updated as programs become available.)

  • Beautiful meal planning packages, complete with shopping lists and recipes, delivered weekly to your inbox. All meals are sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free but don’t worry, those ingredients aren’t the ones that made these meals delicious! Subscription and individual plans will be available.
  • Various workshops and cooking classes. Let’s cook tasty meals your whole family will love, it’ll be fun!
  • One-on-one stress management counselling and group multi-week programs.

I will be sharing about my life and how I apply what I’ve learned as I became a stress management consultant and culinary nutrition expert. I have worked hard bringing balance to my life and it’s an ongoing journey. I share tips and stories about starting a healthy journey, stress management, active living and exercise, calming activities that feed the spirit, and of course, delicious nutrient dense recipes and how to cook them!

Let your journey towards a healthier you, start here.  Follow me on Instagram, sign up for my bi-weekly newsletter, and follow me on Facebook

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