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YA Book Club March Book Announcement

We are nearing our meeting for my YA book club where we will be discussing our February novel, Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys.

However, to make sure everyone has time to get a copy, it is time to announce our March book:

dustDust by Arthur Slade

A rainmaker brings rain to a drought-stricken town, but the children begin to disappear…Strange things are happening in Horshoe, a Dust Bowl farm town in the Depression-era prairies. Young Matthew Steelgate has vanished on a walk into town. His brother, Robert, knows that he has to find Matthew. He has to figure out why the hens are frightened and their eggs full of blood. Why a broken jar he discovers in the grass echoes with the sad sound of a little girl’s voice. Why, most frighteningly of all, his parents seem lost in a comforting dream. Matthew forgotten, his memory abandoned. Robert has a duty to find his brother.If only that duty didn’t lead him inexorably to Abram Harsich, the ivory-skinned man who dazzles the townspeople with magic mirrors and bewitches the children with his beautiful butterfly. If only Robert could stay safely away from the ominous, supernatural stranger who brings rain to Horshoe. A haunting and compelling read. Winner of the Governor General’s Award.

Get your copy and read along with us.

Interested in information about joining the book club? You must be from Winnipeg or surrounding area, and a writer of middle grade or young adult fiction.


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