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Book Review: Impossible by Jocelyn Shipley

2018 05 25 Impossible Jocelyn Shipley

by Jocelyn Shipley

Seventeen-year-old Jemma’s older brother took her in when she needed to get away from her abusive ex-boyfriend, Razor. All Jemma wants now is to be a good mom to her baby daughter, Violet. But one night she needs to go out, just for a few minutes, to get diapers and ice cream. On her way back, she witnesses the drive-by shooting of a kid, Kwame, who lives in the same building. The driver is Razor. Jemma is terrified. If she tells anyone what she saw, they’ll know she left her baby alone and she might lose custody. But if she doesn’t, Kwame’s killer will go free. Razor convinces Jemma to make a deal to save her life, but Jemma isn’t sure she can live with the consequences.

My thoughts:

Impossible is one of the Orca Soundings series, a collection of novels written to entice reluctant readers. The stories are straight forward and fast paced with short, cliff-hanger chapters.

Jocelyn Shipley’s story presents an excellent dilemma for the main character, Jemma. The reader is right there with her wondering what the best decision is. Impossible is legitimate and believable. The reader will turn the pages to find out what Jemma decides to do in the end.

*****/5 Highly recommend for the reluctant reader.

This is an unsolicited review, I purchased this book through
ISBN: 978-1459815568, recommended for ages 12 and up.
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

I will be reading a few books in Orca’s Soundings and Currents series, as I am hoping to write something to submit to them. The best way to get to know what a publisher is looking for is to read what they publish!

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