Don’t Get Shelved!

computer-1185626_1920Do you write middle grade, young adult or new adult novels? Writing for these audiences is very different than writing for adults. A lot of people believe it’s easier to write for kids — oh, if they only knew. . .

Clear, clean, concise writing; convincing dialogue; and telling a story without preaching a message are all necessary. You need to grab a young person’s attention with the opening sentence. After that, you might have five pages to convince them to keep reading, if you haven’t hooked them by then, many will shelf it.

Don’t get shelved! I’ve been submersed in the world of writing and editing for youth audiences since 2010. Whether you plan to submit to traditional publishers or self-publish, make your story the best it can be to capture the attention and imagination of your intended audience.

Visit my Editing Services page for pricing and all the details.


“Suzanne’s commitment/dedication to her craft, love of writing, imagination, and approachability, make her an ideal (children’s) editor.”
~Barbara L., Winnipeg


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