Writer Life

Editing at the Forks

CMHR WPGI was at the Forks today, a major tourist hub in Winnipeg, and one of my favourite hangouts. I had supper at my favourite restaurant there, A Taste of Sri Lanka. And then splurged on a small cookie dough flurry from Neon Cone. I highly recommend both when you visit.

I found a table and pulled out my laptop to edit my current work-in-progress, a middle grade fantasy novel. I think I’m on re-write number four, but who’s counting?

2017-09-17 18.10.18The atmosphere is so inviting and friendly, I feel very comfortable there. And my favourite thing is listening to the buskers playing instruments or singing in the background. Buskers are talented people who perform publicly and people show their appreciation by dropping money in their hat, or bucket, or guitar case, whatever it may be.

I even have a favourite busker, and I think it’s because he’s always there when I am, or maybe he’s just always there :). He plays guitar and sings songs that I love. Here he is performing a great cover of “Whiskey in the Jar.”

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